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October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM

Now this is probably going to seem a bit of a crappy work-around but hey it works!

If you are like me and have a bt8x8 card with a remote reciever but can't get it going in Girder using the plugins because you either can't modify the source or you run win2k -- well then try this.

Basically: by using bRemote (another basic program similar to girder) to send out a unique keyboard command for each remote button - which Girder then picks up using the Keyboard plugin.

In detail: Download and install bRemote (http://www.borgtech.org/bRemote.php).

In bRemote - find your TV card from the list and check that the program can read all buttons from your remote.

Now make a back-up of script.rem in the bRemote directory. Open script.rem in notepad and delete the entire contents of the file so you have an empty file.

Now map your remote buttons in the script.rem file using this format:


"Plus" : PressKey(VK_CTRL, VK_ALT, VK_SHIFT, VK_P)

Where "TV/FM" would be the first button on your remote and "Plus" would be the last and all the rest of the buttons would go in between. All this goes between the Always() and the closing } section.

You can find out the names of your buttons by looking at the bRemote programs response when you press the button.

Each button needs to have a unique key combination. I used from ctrl+alt+shift+F2 to ctrl+alt+shift+P (i didn't use F1 because girder picks this up as open the girder help file).

After you've mapped all your buttons - save the file - bRemote will ask to re-load the file - click yes. Hide bRemote.

Now open girder and goto File > Settings > Hardware Plugins and tick the Keyboard plugin and click OK.

Now create a group and a new command in this group. Click on the learn event button for the new command and press a button on your remote - you should see a value appear in the dot matrix display.

And the rest is just setting up the commands in girder as usual.

If girder isn't picking up the remote > keyboard command then open bRemote and press the offending button(s) and see what bRemote is sending out - you should see something like:
Pressed: 3
Action: PressKey(VK_CTRL, VK_ALT, VK_SHIFT, VK_3)

If you don't - check the format of your scrip.rem - and compare it with the back-up you made.

As I said - this is a temporary solution until a good bt8x8 plugin is made by someone.

Good luck. If you have any probs - post it in here.

October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
Y have a PV951TF(provideo.tw) and the bRemote could not start because didn`t "see" my card.The message was `Y can not initialize device.So y solved the problem by building a UIR and y disconected the IR senzor from my card using instead the team "UIR-Girder".

February 11th, 2003, 11:41 AM
Hi need some help please. I have a PixelView TV Pro card n the remote. n ofcourse girder does not work with it. I downloaded this software with a lot of hopes. But after i installed it, n clicked on my pixelview card and clicked initialized, nothing happed or no msg came up. Then i pressed some buttons on the remote n no reply. I tried using the remote software of the card itself n it works fine.

Then i dont know wat happened. Now everytime i open bremote, the screen keeps showing that keys are being pressed when im not doing nething, and not even using the remote. The status screen just shows that this n that key pressed n bla bla.

I tried uninstalling and clearing out ne entry for bremote in the registry, but the same thing. And ya, now when i install bremote again, it does not ask me 2 restart the windows, it says u dont need 2 restart windows. And i still have the same problem. I'm using WinXP.

Ne ideas ?