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August 17th, 2003, 06:47 AM
Hi there people,

I read about your program and I think it has great pottential,
but I'm new to it all and I would like to ask for some help.
I have a Anir Multimedia IR set and it works via the com port, but the software from anier is shitty and I have no idea how to install it with girder, I do have the Anir2Girder package but I don't know how to handle it, can anybody please help me out? Sorry for being such a newbie :roll:

Thanks in advance,


August 17th, 2003, 09:50 AM

Just put the Anir2Girder.dll file in the plugins dir under Girder (and restart Girder). The plugin can then be configured under the Girder settings dialog (plugins tab).

The rest is a matter of learing the events and making girder commands for doing the things you want the remote to do. There are plenty of resources on how to do that on this site.

Hope this helps some!