View Full Version : UIRT doesnt receive any codes

August 18th, 2003, 05:33 PM

i ve got a big problem with my ir receiver. before i switched my pc it has worked great (under linux with lirc).

Now i installed girder and the igor plugin (DCD mode and Com1) and it doesnt report any error like "There may be hardware problem in your receiver" - nothing - just nothing. So i can start girder and enable the input device without any problems. But if i push a button it doesnt receive anything. i dont know what i do wrong.


I use the receiver with a nforce2 ultra 400 motherboard and windowsXP.
i ve tried it also with winlirc - without success :(

Maybe you can help me ?

BTW if i start WinLIRC there is no way to initilize it without an error "..please check the port settings ..."

The Background of the row named Igor Plugin ... in the programm settings is green !