View Full Version : Infrared help, plasma help, and infrared distribution help

August 25th, 2003, 11:51 PM
Here is a tip for everyone who is having problems with Girder reading a number of different IR codes when the same button is pressed.

First, my setup: We have a plasma TV, which is notorious for putting out infrared garbage. We also use an infrared distribution system.

Tip 1) Do *not* learn the IR signal in an infrared-laden environment. For instance, if your plasma is on, the signal is likely to be corrupted.

2) Do not put the remote control "right on" the infrared receiver (we use an IRMan, but my guess is that this applies to other receivers as well).

3) And this is the big tip -- if you are using an infrared distribution system -- like a Xanatech, Buffalo, etc. -- do *not* put the emitter right on the infrared receiver, like you would with a normal stereo component. Instead, try putting it close to the receiver. In the case of the Irman, we have had 100% success putting the distribution emitter *on the side* of the Irman. Apparently it's sensitive enough that it's picking up the signal just fine.