View Full Version : Cool product for OSD on video sources!controllable by Girder

August 29th, 2003, 04:17 PM
I've been hunting down a device like this, and finally found one, so I'm sure that other people may be interested:


The product is the XBob. Basically, it is a character generator that in real time overlays characters onto a composite video source (you can also of course divide the luma and chroma parts of an s-video signal, put the luma part into the XBob, and then recombine the signals, which is what I'll be doing). It receives the characters you want to put up from RS232, so it's perfect for controlling by Girder.

Right now we have a "stand alone" caller ID box that does the same thing just for caller ID info. I am going to move this functionality over to Girder and XBob, and now also have a more flexible unit -- for instance, I'll be hooking up the garage doors to sensors, so that Girder will flash "garage door closed" or "garage door opened" on the s-video stream when it receives the proper event.

Pretty cool device. They also have devices that overlay an entire VGA screen onto an incoming video stream. But this would require more thought than I'm willing to give right now in Girder (i.e., you would have to have the monitor output off all the time, so that your pc screen doesn't get overlayed onto the video stream, etc.).