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September 15th, 2003, 02:33 AM
Hey Folks.

First, my apologies if this has been addressed already. I read the FAQ concerning the Actisys IR200L, but I want to use this for IR Blasting purposes only. I have my own means for input, but i'd like to control my A/V equipment with the IR200L. All the questions i've seen concerning this unit is for receiving IR signals, not outputting IR.

I'm assuming there's just no compatibility with the IR200L at all with girder. I saw a couple ppl trying to write a plugin; there's a working 2K/XP driver for the IR200L - hopefully this will motivate someone to write a plugin for girder.

So if my IR200L isn't going to work with girder, I'll have to shell out the $$ for the USB-UIRT on the girder page. Does anyone make this in the US that I can order from?

Thanks for any advice you guys can give me...