View Full Version : Harvesting Power (5V) for UIRT1 from PS2

October 26th, 2003, 03:06 PM

my UIRT used not to transmit more than 10cm. I solved the problem by using a pci 4x serial board, wich obviously provided more current. I cannot use it anymore, so I would like to use the 5v from ps2. Could anybody kindly tell me, where to connect the +5V to and if there are any problems to be expected (I've read something in this forum about short-circuiting the voltage due to connected 5v and ground in the UIRT...)

I have been looking for an answer for over an hour, so I seem to be too stupid to find the answer. Sorry. And thanks in advance.


October 26th, 2003, 05:26 PM
This isn't so easy to explain. The original UIRT uses some virtual GND point and this one is completly different from the PC-GND. If you would simply connect plus and GND from your PC to the device, you would actually short-circuit it.

Also there are some different schematics out there on the web, so it's not easy to tell you how to modify yours without exactly knowing which UIRT you actually have.

If you are able to read some schematics, here you find a layout for external power that can use the same GND point as the PC: