View Full Version : Simulating a held down button with USB-UIRT

December 7th, 2003, 09:26 PM
I'm using an IR light switch that works off of any IR signal. I programmed it to work with one button from a remote directly. When the button is pressed once the lights turn on, once more they turn off. If the button is held down the lights will slowly dim.

I can get the on/off functionality to work with Girder and USB-UIRT but can anyone help me get them to dim? I have to press the button for about 4 seconds for it to dim completely. I'd like to have it dim when Zoomplayer starts. I'm using my Remote Wonder and USB-UIRT w/Girder. Thanks for the help!

December 7th, 2003, 10:06 PM
Doesn' the USB-UIRT plugin have an option to set the number of repeats? If the number is not sufficient you can also try to copy/paste the same command inside a multigroup many times, so you have a long enough sequence.

But actually for myself I use another approach. The problem with the first mentioned solution is, that it will block Girder till the command has completed. The UIRT2 plugin has an option to call a command after the actual transmission has completed and I use this to call some LUA-script to repeat the needed event as long as I want it. This way Girder can process other events while the transmission keeps running. This is especially usefull if you want to have volume up/down keys for example. So if Girder detects I press a volume key on my ATI-RW it starts to send the needed repeated IR-code through the UIRT2 and if I release the button it will immediatly stop to do so. I assume the USB-UIRT plugin has a similar option.