View Full Version : UIRT, Dish 811, DSSTUNE, xlobby and SageTV

Chris Simon
February 27th, 2004, 02:54 PM
The title says it all.

Without Sage TV i can manage the Dish 811 via girder and UIRT by codes that I got from Pronto and then inserted in the UIRT plugin. This works fine.

The problem arises when I addes SageTV to the mix. I want to link the Sage menus so the can control the Dish 811. Sage's normal path is to record thru the UiIRT into Sage directly. This does not work with the URIT becuase of the frequency issues. I can transmit But not record.

So I want to know how to get Sage to use girder, or how to get the girder UIRT codes into Sage.

Sage suggested the DSSTUNE process and showed me how to get it into Sage. I use Girder in a relatively basic way. I do not know where to get or how to use the DSSTUNE function (I also do not know if it works for DISH or just DirecTV). Can anyone walk me through getting DSSTUNE up and going.

AND/OR - can any one tell me how to take either the Pronto codes or Girder UIRT codes I have and get them into Sage.

ANy help would be appreciated