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October 13th, 2002, 04:55 PM
Here an Exemple of : How To make a loop to control Volume Change.

Ok, because AlarmTimer repeat option, doesn't work on my computer, i simply use this pluggin differently. My solution could not work with all remotes. The remote must contains 2 IR Frames per buttons (It send a code when pressing button, and an other code when release button, it is very important)

Ok let's say that the commannd that will use AlarmTimer pluggin, and will be called "LVol+", this is this command that will be Launch When we press VOLUME + button of our remote.

We want while the remote button is maintain down, that LVol+ make a loop, and call a command (or group command like in my case) named : "Vol+"

And now here parameters of LVol+ :

-ID : 1
-Repeat : unchecked (we don't mind of this param that doesn't work)

-TimeOut : 300 (It will launch Vol+ 3 times per sec)

-On start : Vol+
-On Cancel : Null
-On End : LVol+ (here is the solution, LVol+ call himself

Now we create a new command, that we'll name : "Vol+Stop"

Vol+ Stop must have those paramter's values:

-ID : 1

-Repeat : unchecked (we don't mind of this param that doesn't work)

-TimeOut : 300 (we don't mind of this param here)

-On start : Null
-On Cancel : Null
-On End : Null

Ok, and now Press and maintain down on ur remote, the VOLUME+ Button, Click on Learn Event from Vol+Stop parameterbox, then release the remote button. Now, the software had stored the code when u release VOLUME+ button.

Learn Vol+ IR Code to LVol+, and that's all.
It must work now.
U can change the time out, if u want to change the frequency of the loop.

Personnaly Vol+ Command, is a MultiGroupCommand, that Display Volume level, and Increase Volume, so it look really like if i was in front of a TV, very nice.

hope i've been clear enough