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April 19th, 2004, 04:13 PM
I've searched this forum for this problem and I found a few suggestions but no definitive answer. At least not one that worked for me...

I'm trying to control the volume of my Denon 3803 with Girder 3.3.1 and a UIRT. I've created a command using the USB-UIRT plug-in and I've captured the Volume Up ir command from the Denon remote. The command actually captures two codes, which are listed in the Plug-in Settings.

The command works fine with the F5 key. I can hold the F5 key down and volume goes up steadily on the receiver. When I release the key it stops as expected.

Once I create an ir-controlled Event and try and trigger the command with my RF/X10 remote, the command does not work properly. I have to press the Volume Up key once on the remote and then let it go in order to get the command to work. And it only steps up the volume in small increments

If I press and hold the key down the command does not trigger. I'd like to get the command to function like the Denon remote - hold the Volume Up key down and the volume goes up steadily. Is this possible?

Iíve played with the Repeat and Wait settings in the command without any success. Iíve deleted the command and recreated it so I can start with the default settings.

April 19th, 2004, 07:58 PM
Which events are you using from the x10 remote? ie. Dn, Rt, Up?

Also, since the 3803 has a serial port - you could use Girder's serial pluging and directly control the amp. Very cool that way :)

April 20th, 2004, 10:04 AM

I'm using the Volume+ and Volume- events to try and control the volume. The RF/X10 remote has the capability to transmit IR codes as well as RF codes. I've programmed the remote with the IR codes of several different remotes in an attempt to find a code that works. Right now it's programmed with the codes of a Universal RCA remote.

After reading through some posts I thought about trying the Serial Plug-in. I have no idea at this point how to set it up or program it. Honestly I was trying to avoid adding one more level to the Girder learning curve. How would the PC connect to the 3803?

Thanks for your reply.


April 20th, 2004, 11:16 AM
If you are using IR, your receiver likely cannot receive and transmit at the same time - I don't know of any that do....

Using RF, this may work.

As far as the serial plugin, I believe in the download area, there is a setup for the 4800 denon and this should get you started.