View Full Version : Request Tutorial for Creating Girder Feedback to NetRemote

March 29th, 2003, 11:42 AM
I've searched around this forum quite a bit, and either I'm missing a trick, or it just hasn't been mentioned much at all.

I'm most of the way up the steep learning curve that is creating CCFs ad GMLs. I can now press my own buttons in NetRemote, and Winamp Plays, etc. I'm happy with that. Now I'd like to display text in NetRemote, such as current track title.

I can't find anything that's really informative and basic enough to go through step by step how to do this.

I've seen something about using the scripts from LDJ, and have found NR_send_label_feedback, but I don't know how to use this properly! I guess I have to set this up properly in both Tonto and Girder.

In Tonto, I've got the NetRemoteIRCodesDB installed, and there are 3 Girder codes - command, text feedback, and image feedback. Normally I use command to play/pause winamp....I've tried setting a button to text feedback, with the IR Code of that button the same as a Girder command, which also contains the NR_send_label_feedback in the script, but this didn't work.

I guess it's a combination of where to put the feedback script source (where NR_send_label_feedback is defined), where and how that function is called, what IR code to use in Tonto, what to call the button - could someone please help!!!!

Many thanks in advance, especially to the creators of NetRemote and Girder :-)


March 29th, 2003, 09:31 PM

Yes a tutorial is on my todo list. There will be a few changes to the feedback in the next NetRemote release so it probably won't be out until then - sorry :( .

The feedback code currently has to go in your Girder GML - just drag the file over your existing GML, save, and restart girder.

Then have a look at the "Examples" in the feedback part of the LDJ zip file. The feedback is LUA code, but they are just simple calls to the real socket code. You have to pass the calls the label name and a value (of file for images). The label name is the one you have set up in Tonto. The value is usually the variable "pld1". Traditionaly in Girder, pld1 has been used as the variable to store the results of the last action.

This should all get clearer soon as I hope to produce some working examples too.