View Full Version : New plugin for NetRemote to controll Freevo

December 11th, 2003, 06:42 PM
Hello group,

Ive just started looking into developing a plugin for the netremote program, which will allow me to controll Freevo, a HTPC frontend running under GNU/Linux. For more information about Freevo, please see freevo.sf.net.

Any help I can receive is greatly appreciated. What I want, is to use my Compaq iPaq with WLAN running PocketPC and NetRemote to be able to control Freevo. Freevo has a built-in remote control server which accept commands over a TCP/IP network. Perhaps code already exist to do this for other plugins?

Ive never developed anything for Windows before, so this will be a learning experience. Im only used to Linux, so Ill be using WinXP under VMWare to get the work done I guess. Can someone please elaborate abit what tools I would need etc? Where do you get compilers under Windows for example? I think I have Visual Basic and Visual C/C++ floating around here somewhere. Any of these usable ?

I see a sample driver / SDK has been released for NetRemote. I take it this was release to ease the development of such third-party plugins?

Thank you for any assistance and feedback.

Ben S
December 14th, 2003, 09:41 PM
Hi Loke,
Have you programmed in C++ under Linux? I wouldn't say there is anything Windows centric in plugin development that would be a roadblock if you're experienced in C++. You could even (conceivably) use gcc to compile the plugin.

I use Visual C++ (as part of Visual Studio .NET) for my development. Does Freevo support HTTP style fetches for commands? Do you want to pull data back, or just control the Freevo?

January 16th, 2004, 11:20 AM
Sorry for the late reply - pretty busy time for me the last few months...

Yes, of course I can use gcc - never thought about that :-)

Ideally, it would be great to pull data from Freevo - but I dont know how Freevo handles this yet (if at all). As a start I'll just use Netremote to controll Freevo. Its a pretty simple consept; Freevo has a built-in remote server which accepts clear text words like PLAY, DOWN, UP etc over a TCP socket, and acts accordingly.

I havent had time to look at the plugin example in the sdk yet, but I recon its only a matter of creating a socket, sending the packet, and closing it again - and of course link the correct button to the correct action.

My C++ experience isnt very big, but Ive worked with some KDE programming and alot C development. What really helps me, is to be able to look at code others have written. I find this the best way to learn how things work.

I guess it would be great for Netremote if it could also support the various GNU/Linux HTPC frontends through plugins :-)

Thank you for your reply!