View Full Version : Source for simpad cradle found

January 21st, 2004, 02:54 PM
For those of you that do not have a simpad cradle yet, I found a source in London for 100 plus shipping. Not cheap but they are unavailable and sometimes go on ebay as high up as 250! I don't know how many are available but if you are interested, PM me and I'll mail you the email. I am not affiliated to the seller (and don't get a commission either! :wink: )

Ben S
January 22nd, 2004, 01:23 PM
Ouch! That's like $180 US. Too bad they're so hard to find.

January 22nd, 2004, 01:40 PM
Well, it's more like $127 plus shipping but this is certainly not cheap either. However, I think it is very convenient. For experienced DIY folks, it should be pretty easy to build one themselves. The instructions for the wiring are on the web.