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February 14th, 2004, 07:59 AM
Guys, these are the instructions that I followed that worked very easily (after HOURS of frustration) for me. Perhpas a bi-lingual member could clean them up a bit... but they are faily easy.

HTH - Carl

Panel for tray computers
WLAN with incoming inspection and Netgear MA401
jpmmuc to 06.01.2004 22:35Hallo,

after there are again and again problems with the mechanism of WLAN under CE, here times an article, that itself with the Netgear MA401 inclusive incoming inspection functionality

When procure the eerstes driver for the map, for all Prism maps like e.g.: Netgear MA401 one can use the following.
Alternative, generic PRISM driver:
The model is: Sl-251f & Sl-251d
Driver for Windows CE.NET4.0/4.1: WLAN_ForWinCENET400.zip
Driver for Windows CE.NET3.0: WLAN_ForWinCE300.exe

The driver then by ActiveSync install.

After the driver installation (map over not found ignore error message) put the wl to map in, indicate with the question about the driver (Popup), which can be used, as drivers WLANNDS.DLL (the driver was copied with the installation into the Windows listing).
- > with other drivers possibly prismnds.dll

If the map flashes then still fast and gets no connection, on the incoming inspections or routs lies, also the SSID (network) knows attitudes of the AP must fit.
References: Incoming inspection - > disabled and Authentication type - > open system
(incoming inspection is again switched on later)

In order the system Utilitiy of the driver (wlansta.exe)voll to use to be able, the Registry must be adapted e.g. with PHM Registry editor.
With the WLAN map (here: Netgear MA401) the following in the Registry examine/adapt (copy from Registry export):

"Prefix"="NDS" enabled, mode HEX and Authentication type - > Shared key

In the map Encryption one can activate incoming inspection, select e.g. 64 bits,
then still Create key Manually and hexadecimaldecimal click.
Into the keys of fields the keys of the AP or rout register, the up-to-date used
Keys e.g. 1 with "Use incoming inspection key" select and are already one elegantly inclusive incoming inspection 64bit
connected. There Icon in the Systray changes also again from red after green (or yellow).

One has the connection to routs now, however one needs still one
IP connection. Since problem is that the net connection is not activated and
thus CE.NET 4,1 is not yet tied up and also no IP of the DHCP assumes (at the DHCP occasionally a Request arrives, the answer however not accepted).

After long Rumprobieren with incoming inspection keys in Windows enter, go it now to etc. with me, if I after the configuration in the Kartentool (in the Systray - and/or control Panel\WLAN Settings) - > Icon of the Kartentool in systray is green; in the Windows Tool (in the Systray\Button advanced, and/or control Panel\Network and... \WLAN1) in the map Wireless network the hook with "Use Windows ton configure my wireless network settings" again insert and with the Properties under the box Preferred network (naturally the own SSID touches lightly) all hooks remove! Now still 2 times OK ONE and it run stably. Inclusive one power-save and soft RESETS

Thus the incoming inspection becomes connection of the Kartentool uebernopmmen and the IP connection makes Windows.

Tested with 3 MA401 with the firmware 1,3,6 and 1,7,4, whereby 1,7,4 is somewhat more stable and faster connected.

I made up to now very good experiences with the Netgear MA401 (except,
that one a foreign driver to use must).

There are the following tips up to now:
- battery life is noticeably extended, if one in the Configuration of
Kartentool with power-save ON indicates.
- after adjusting parameters into the Configuration of the Kartentoolkommt it
forwards that the map can be not directly connected, a problem, in the Windowstool again "Use Windows ton..." do not activate everything with OK ONE confirm and then a switching off, approx. 10-15s wait restart, everything functioned.

I have the basis for above information out:
http://simpad.silentservices.de/simpad faq.html


Ben S
February 14th, 2004, 11:53 AM
Thanks for this info, Carl.