View Full Version : Beware your Simpad doesn't meet an untimely death....

March 17th, 2004, 01:58 PM
Hi guys,

I just wanted to pass on a safety tip to the other Simpad owners out there. My Simpad slipped off my desk today and hit the floor face first. It wasn't a huge fall and it wasn't a concrete floor so although I was concerned I figured it should probably be fine. When I picked it back up though I was horrified to see the screen was shattered! The Simpad's touch screen is actually made of glass!

The LCD seems to still work fine but the touch screen is totally fubar'd. I took the thing apart and I think I'll be able to fix it but it won't be easy. I'm going to try using plexi glass as the replacement for obvious reasons but there's another wrinkle. The glass actually has two lines of conductive paint painted around the edges that are part of the touch screen assembly so I'll have to paint new ones on the replacement piece.

So, be very careful with your Simpad screen!


Ben S
March 23rd, 2004, 07:44 AM
Yikes! Sorry to hear about that, Jason! I hope you were able to get it working properly with plexiglass.