View Full Version : Overclock Point 510 (hack)

October 4th, 2004, 07:04 PM
I saw this post on another board so I thought I would share it here..... have not tried it myself yet but it sounds ok.

After much searching and a little luck, I have found out how to overclock the Am5x86 processor in the point 510. There are actually 2 ways to do this:

Replace the clock crystal (I did not do)

Change the freq multiplier (the easy way)

First, disassemble you device and locate the processor (on the bottom of the board under a silver heat sink, yeah it comes off just pry a little after you remove the screws.)

Locate pin 11. It is easy to find since pin 1 is marked in tiny print and every 5th pin is marked by a littlie white dot. Pin 11 is the CLKMUL signal that when high or floating gives a multiplier of 3. When grounded, it gives a multiplier of 4. Now R7 is connected to this pin and ground, but it is not populated. You can either solder a small piece of wire between the 2 solder pads or a "0" ohm resistor (if you are brave and very skilled.) The method I used may remind some of you 'clockers of the new AMD and Celeron technique. Sice I could not find my iron and the stove would not heat up a knife enough to melt the solder (damn smoothtops anyway) I deciede to scrape a small amount of solder mask off between the solder blobs with my knife. BE VERY CAREFUL, THIS IS A MULTILAYER BOARD AND IT IS VERY EASY TO SCREW SOMETHIN UP. All you are trying to do is rough the area up enough to draw a line on with a very sharp pencil. Make sure you have a lot of lead on hte scrape that touches both of the solder blobs. Graphite is a resistive conductor and not a short like a piece of wire is. If this does not work for you, then you may have to solder the short between the pins to get a more reliable connection.

Reassemble and enjoy.

If you feel really brave and can find the main system clock, replace the crystal witha 40 MHZ version. I have read that this is a good mod

but have not tried it myself.