View Full Version : Quick troubleshooting tip to test your IR led's.

December 12th, 2004, 04:18 PM
When I finished building my serial UIRT2, I thought I couldn't transmit. I'm a television technical director and the first thing I thought of was how can I cut my variables in half to narrow down my problem. Then I thought of a great idea to see if the LED's are oriented correctly and that at least somethiing is being transmitted. I got hold of a video camera with night vision (or 0LUX as some call it). I pointed it at the emitters and tried to transmit something (because the camera uses infrared you can see them light up if it's working). This, of couse doesn't give you any idea about data, but at least you can see if they work! I also pointed it at the remote I wanted to learn from and , when pressing a button, saw a short, repetitive pulse, but the UIRT2 was putting out a longer pulse but at least they were working. After a bit more pondering I realised that manually entering the code I has learned as an 'event string' in girder was the wrong way to go about it. I then went into the UIRT settings and learned the code there - lo, and behold! now the UIRT2 was sending a short puse and my wife hit me for chaging the channel!!! Anyway, The video camera helped me narrow down where I was going wrong and it may hep you too. Have fun!