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January 13th, 2005, 08:41 AM
I have been using Girder since the first release. I made my UIRT(1) long ago. My computers have changed since and all my girder files and plugins are gone all i got is the hardware. Can somebody point me to the plugin that will work with the latest Girder. I would also like to flash the chip with new firmware but I do not have the programmer file anymore. What is the latest fimrware and programmer software to be used with UIRT1?

The real reson why I want to reuse Girder is that I want to use it with my Malata Karaoke player. The karaoke DVD player comes with a couple of books and all the songs are barcoded so for example song number 40712 has a barcode (3 of 9 type). Normally I have to use a remote to key in the numbers. Now I have a barcode scanner that plugs to computer keyboard (share with it). This barcode scanner works as a keyboard input. So when it scans the barcode (numbers) it will send a "string" to "active" progrm on windows. So for example if I scan song nbumber 40712 it will send 40712 instead of 4 little pause and 0 pause and 7 pause 1 pause 2.

I want to send IR command 4 pause 0 pause 7 pause 1 pause 2.

Is there any plugin that will help me?

I suppose I have to learn those hex codes from the player's remote and send them to the player using UIRT.

Please help....


January 14th, 2005, 07:08 AM
Any ideas folks?