This did the trick, but I still have some problems with Dscaler.

If you look at the remote on the top post of this thread you will see the volume buttons and channel buttons. If i press the channel button, it will change the channel, but also move the X axis 0.05 to the left. It is an advanced function in dscaler which has its own hotkey. How do i check what key the remote control button symbolizes to then be able to ask on the dscaler forums how to disable that hoitkey (as i did in tweakui with mute)

Another thing is that every signal is sent dually. The IR reciever blinks twice every time I do something, which results in the fact that when I want to change to the next track of an album in my HTPC software, MEedio, it wont chagne to the enxt song, but skip 2 songs forward. I have tried with delay times with no affect at all. How can i solve that issue? Is the remote broken?