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Thread: BT8x8 Drivers

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    Default BT878 Chipset IR device (PV-BT878P+, PixelView Play TV)

    Hey all,
    Been reading through your old thread about making BT878 generic drives. I have downloaded all plugins which state they work with BT878 cards..
    The closest to working has been BTWinCap, which detects the cards, says it works, but also says the remote is not present..
    I know this to be wrong as I have been using another remote control program called JTV-Remote ( This program works but does not have all the features of Girder that I wish for.

    I am not an advanced developer myself, but I checked and the source code for the remote control driver of my particular card is available (
    This might be very useful to you all as it seems to access the hardware directly without locking it.. I am not certain of this, but I am certain that while my remote control program is running ( and working ) I am also able to use DScalar (and it will remote control it.. ) and also able to capture..

    Personally, I have a PixelView PlayTV (NOT pro), which according to the manual is a PV-BT878P+...


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    I've recently interested in Girder and tried to use it with my TV card. It's Apac Viewcomp, so it's not especially popular and it's not posiible to found a decent girder plugin. So I thought of making one using Generic bt8x8 driver. That is the problem. Link in download section leading to this file opens somekind of searchportal not to source file for the plugin. Is it still possible to find it anywhere ??
    And the second question is if it posiible to use any remote with bt8x8 card or only the one delivered with will work ??

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