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    This thread is very old, but I prefer use it than start a new one about the same.

    I'm using girder 5.0.10 and I have the same problem. I've been doing some testings and I got the following:

    cursor = win.ShowCursor (val)
    val=1 increment cursor value (this is a counter)
    val=0 decrement cursor value

    If cursor is lower than 0 (a negative number) the mouse pointer is hidden, in other case is shown.

    But this only works into Grider window, when I test the script into Girder all work fine while the script is running, but when the script ends the pointer is shown again.

    My script:
    --decrement mouse counter
    cursor = win.ShowCursor (0)
    print (cursor)
    -- aux: display current values
    msg = win.MessageBox ("Pointer : ".. tostring(cursor),"TEST",win.MB_OK)
    print (msg)
    -- end: aux
    --restore mouse counter
    --print (win.ShowCursor (1))
    When cursor=-1, the mouse pointer is hidden in all Girder windows, but only while this script is running, but when the message box is closed, the pointer is shown again. I did this test even with cursor=-9 but the pointer doesn't stay hidden when message box is closed.

    Maybe that is ok and this option doesn't allow to hide the pointer out of internal lua dialogs.
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