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    Default Parallel Plugin

    I tried to get an answer from the somebody at the girder general forum, but actually there's no answer at all
    So I try to get an answer to my "problem" from here:

    I want to detect some signals (tally signals from a videomixer) through my parallel port using the Parallel Plugin to trigger some video-Xpoint-Settings.

    I installed the PortIO, the the ParallelPlugin V2.1
    for testing I set the polling rate to 100ms, just using the DATA-Registers with the byte-change-option ticked for getting a trigger to a simple OSD showing a simple 'Got it' (instead of 'hello world' )

    I applied (via shunt resistors to protect the port drivers from being blown) different signals to the parallel port - nothing happend.
    I printed a little textfile, to get a change on the output and it works (showing the 'Got it'-OSD)

    My conclusion: The Parallel Port isn't switched to input, am I right?
    But I could not find any hints, how to switch it to input!?

    Would be cool if anyone could help me out of this little 'trouble'

    Best regards to you all

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    Default ????????

    Come on guys - even a hint like

    rtfm on page ...

    would be helpfull

    :lol: :lol:

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