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Thread: My plugin doesn't work

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    Default My plugin doesn't work

    I was trying to write my own plugin for girder so i read Girder API and started programming. When I had all the required functions (gir_version, gir_name, etc) i compiled the project and tested it. At first girder said something about old version bla bla it was because wrong function names (solved it after some time ) and now it's almost working, almost because there is no error dialogs but it looks like this: girder is loading, showes its splash screen and then just shut down, without any infos just turn off :? I added some MessageBox to functions and it showed up that girder turns off even before calling gir_open from my plugin it call all gir_version, gir_name, gir_description, gir_devicenum, gir_requested_api and then just shut down.
    In attachment i have included compiled in CodeBlocks (GNU GCCCompiler) library and project. Maybe someone will be able to help me. oh and sorry for my english
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    What is you plugin for?

    Were you able to get the example plugin working first? I have not used the GNU compiler.

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