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Just some general feedback and the manual and app.

Here's what I see. The manual looks like it covers Girder functionality from perspective of the people that wrote it. In other words, it's accurate, but it isn't really written so that an average user will read it and be able to quickly create functional solutions.
This is my exact frustration with the help files of both Girder and NetRemote... It's driven me crazy at times (after my Palm Tungsten alarm went off this afternoon during a very annoying time with NetRemote's incomplete help I picked up the Palm and bounced it off my bedroom wall without thinking - the lack of examples really annoyed me that much... still don't know where the heck the stylus from the Palm is )

What is needed are examples and commented examples at that. Examples that shout "LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO" yet are a confusing mess inside with numerous items having default names do nothing to help new users get to grips with the program. Having had to learn numerous computer languages over the years has brought me into contact with really good to really bad documentation in that time... unfortunately I have to say that the Girder and Netremote documentation aren't the best I have come across... They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well in programming terms a good, commented example can replace a thousand words.

From the awards that Girder and NetRemote have received I would have expected a greater number of posters here which seems to suggest quite a number of people have tried the package and have got demoralised by the technical requirements to use the programs. Helping new users over the technical hump would greatly improve the take up of the programs IMHO. A lot of people give up when they are baffled by instructions that don't make things clear.

Like I've said before, the programs themselves aren't bad, it's just having to either guess how to do things or having to ask others stuff that should be in the documentation. NetRemote's MediaBridge Generic Commands is a case in example. I recall reading that these commands are undocumented because Promixis is busy ATM and will give out fixes as needed. This is very unprofessional as it shows that documentation is very much a low priority and that is going to hurt profits in the long run.