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Thread: Yamaha RX-V1500 Serial and Control (JYamaha)

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    Know this is a very old thread, but trying to get this to work with my RX-V2500 in Girder 5....Anyone have it working ?

    I downloaded the attached files; installed -
    JYamaha.lua > Girder/luascript
    Yamaha_RX-V1500_207.lua > Girder/plugins/serial

    Went into Girder Settings / plugins and assigned COM Port 2 to Yamaha RX-V1500 (no other Com port options available to set that I could find)
    ** I get back error message 'Communications NOT Successful'

    Wondering if it is an issue with the cable connections ? Based on the Yamaha documentation, I have made up a serial cable as follows:
    From RX-V2500 to PC
    pin 3 > pin 2
    pin 2 > pin 3
    pin 5 > pin 5
    pin 8 > pin 7
    pin 7 > pin 8

    Anyone have any suggestions where to look/test ?
    Update - problem solved; bad serial cable - plugin still working ;-)
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