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Thread: (Girder 4-B11) HID plugin does list attached devices @ start

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    Default (Girder 4-B11) HID plugin does list attached devices @ start

    This only happens when having girder start with windows .

    The HID plugin list is blank (presumably because windows XP hasn't had time to enumerate all the HID devices before Girder launches). I have unloaded the HID plugin and re-loaded it, -- but no effect. I've turned on the "Delay plugin Loading on Startup", but it has had no effect.

    For time time being, I simply restart Girder and the HID plugin list is repopulated and all my HID controllers start working again.

    I've noticed this behavior only with Girder4-B11.

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    That's weird. I'll see if it happens for me too.
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