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Thread: 2 Mark Fiechtner PopupOSD flicked

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    Default 2 Mark Fiechtner PopupOSD flicked

    Your plugin PopupOSD very like me for stable work. But it have not enough functions. Therefore I have few questions for you.

    1. If PopupOSD call with period less timeout then OSD flicked. Possible fix this?

    2. Possible add support array? Ex. [var] - work fine, but [var[idx][idy][idz]] - don't. Use temporaly variable like var1=var[idx][idy][idz] sometimes don't comfortable.

    3. Possible add option shadow for fonts? When text do readable without background. This very comfortable.

    4. Possible add special color tags? Ex. [color1]Red text[/color1], [color2]Green text[/color2]. Settings PopupOSD: color1=#FF0000, color2=#00FF00 etc. Etheir [color[var]][/color[var]] - it's very powerfull!

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    you may be better off with girder4's built in osd functions which should allow you to do all of the above

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    I am not actively developing or supporting the G3 OSD Popup plugin. If you need more funtion, change to G4 or any of the other OSDs available for Girder.

    If you or someone else would like to alter the OSD Popup to do what you want, the v3.0.7 source is available at
    Mark F

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