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Thread: NOOB needs help programing

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    Default NOOB needs help programing

    Iím trying to edit my ccf file using Tonto as directed in the PDF for Netremote IR guide, page 26. Iím having difficulty.

    First of all, there is no NetRemoteIR.ccf file on my PPC, only new-pro_480x640.ccf, and new-pro.ccf. I copied new-pro_480x640.ccf to my computer using the explore button on active sync but nothing copied. So I went through ďMy ComputerĒ and copied it to my desktop. Then I opened it in Tonto and clicked on TV Main and this is what I see: (clikck on attached image)

    Not as it is shown in the tutorial. Where are the buttons?

    Also, I went to Remote Central and tried to download ccf files from Pronto 6000 but they do not list Pronto 6000 in the files section. The choices are Phillips Pronto/Pronto Pro, Philips Pronto NG TSU3000 & TSU7000, Philips ProntoNEO & Marantz RC3200, Philips iPronto TSi6400, Miscellaneous Files. Which do I use?

    Iím stuck, please help.
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    You're better off using NR Designer instead of Tonto.

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    NetRemote designer is now available and comes with a great guide on how to edit ccfs.

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