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    I find that one problem of having such a large music library (mine's around 50000 mp3s) is that I can never decide what to listen to. That's why JRMC, with it's powerful view scheme / smartlist support, is so useful.

    To get round the problem of not knowing what to play I built up a large selection of random view schemes that I can select and play from a GAC panel in NR e.g. Random album, Random favourite album, 10 from the 80's, 100 tracks pot luck, 2 tracks from each decade, a random new album, 50 recent tracks, top 20 hits from the 70's, tracks by one artist etc.

    The only trouble with this is that now I can't decide which random view scheme to play!

    So that's where the power of NR comes in. I've put a Lucky Dip button in my CCF, which randomly selects one of my random view schemes and plays it. So now when I sit down to listen to music I never know if I'm going to get a Rock album I've not heard in ages or a selection of top 20 hits from the 60's!

    I just thought I'd post here to give the newbies an idea of the stuff you can do.
    OpusNR & JLee CCF/GML available in the downloads section.

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    Cool stuff, JLee!

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