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Thread: Please help, PPC cannot connect!

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    Default Please help, PPC cannot connect!

    This can be many things, check out one of the following, and then you may need to post a message for an expert to help.
    1] Does the PPC have wireless connectivity? YES
    2] Is there a firewall on the MediaBridge server? YES, but disabled!
    3] Does the plugin configuration match the MediaBridge server (port)? YES
    4] Can NetRemote running from the same computer as MediaBridge connect? YES
    5] Try using the IP address instead of hostname in NetRemote. DONE

    I can accsess the PC running MB using Terminal Services Client from my PPC, but still no go with NetRemote!

    I'm Running JRMC and NetRemote PRO both on trial licenses!
    NetRemote from the PC can search the medialibrary, so there is a connection between JRMC and MB.

    I've tried different CCFs!

    I hope someone may help me solve this!

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    Make sure the Windows built in firewall is not running.

    Make sure there is only one instance of the MB plugin showing in NR.

    Check JRMC options>startup and make sure 'run remote server on port...' is not ticked. It probably isn't if NR is working OK on PC.

    Uninstall and reinstall NR on PPC.
    OpusNR & JLee CCF/GML available in the downloads section.

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    Default Thanks

    I just got overloaded with work. I'll report back here as soon as I've had a chance to try your suggestions!


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