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Thread: GirderSpeech -- minor fix for Girder 4

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    Default GirderSpeech -- minor fix for Girder 4

    I wanted to add Voice Recognition to my Girder implementation. I downloaded the GirderSpeech plug-in and with some trial and error can get the sample XML to work fine. I'm using the SAPI SDK

    One suggestion for anyone following my footsteps. It loads the grammar file (.XML) from a directory found in an old registry entry from Girder3. So, put your path to the grammar file in


    with a String key of PlugInDir

    Fixes that problem.

    Overall I am pleased, but sure have a lot of work to do to get it all right.


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    Thanks for letting everyone know.
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    Default Generic scripting

    I'm working on a generic script that will let you define verbs and combine them. For example, I have Lamp and On for multiple rooms, so why have all the combinations defined --- just reuse them. Once I get it working (assuming I do), I'll post it as sample code.

    With as many X10 devices as I have, plus BeyondTV/BTVLink on a total of 6 computers, I needed to streamline.


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    I've made the reg entry you mentioned and have the speech recognition working.
    Interesting thing is that I see Girder4 receiving "phantom" events on both "Computer" and "Quiet".

    It happens when there is no one in the room and no noise other the the computers fan running.

    Have you seen this problem?
    Any ideas on how to prevent this?
    Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the speech engine so as not to "false"?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default I'm a little behind

    So I haven't accomplished much more. I am also seeing phantom events. Make sure you turn off the feature to 'learn' your voice, as it learns background noise.

    I'm open to suggestions on fixes too. My family is tired of lights turning off and on around the house by themselves

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    Exactly the same problem I'm seeing.

    Ghosts in the machinery. :lol:

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    please update this plugin to work with G4 "out-of-the-box"

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