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Thread: TV Grid using Girder - Version 2

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    Default TV Grid using Girder - Version 2

    Here's a new version of the TV Grid GML (earlier version is here) with several improvements including:

    1) Improved Navigation
    You can now navigate the entire TV Grid using your keyboard.
    - The Arrow keys move focus up, down, left and right
    - The Enter key executes what ever cell or button that has focus
    - The Page Up and Page Down keys allow you to jump up or down four stations on the grid
    - The Home key moves focus back to the first cell in the grid
    - And the End key moves focus from one section of the display to another in this order:
    -> Cells on the TV Grid
    -> The buttons to advance/decrease the time of the grid
    -> The buttons for the Grid, Search, Favorites, or GoTo menus
    -> The links in the menu on the right

    I've also supplied remote control commands for most of primary grid functions in the "Remote" group in the GML.

    2) Station Icons
    The grid now includes station icons. To use these just copy the included "images" folder into your "Girder 4.0" folder.
    You'll also have to customize some of the icons for your local stations. Just find the appropriate icon (such as the
    NBC icon which is 'KVBC.png') and rename it to [Your Local NBC station Call Letters].png
    (Thank you Curtis for supplying these with your NetRemote script)

    3) More Customization
    The grid also includes more settings for customization, including the ability to change the type sizes of the grid.

    Other than that the function of this version is very similar to the earlier version...

    All the user interface for the grid is handled in a single display (see below). When you roll over a program,
    the description of that program is shown in the band at the top of the grid. If you click on a program a detailed
    program description is displayed on the right including the creation date for the program, actors, guest stars,
    writers, and categories.

    You can also click on any actor, guest star, writer or category to search for additional programs in your XMLTV
    file that contain that person or category. At the bottom of the detailed description is a link to watch the program,
    record it, or search for other airings. If the program is a movie there is also a link for the Internet Movie Database,
    which will bring up a search for that program on their website.

    This display is also easy to personalize. You can change the colors and size of the display by going to the
    setting script.

    The heavy lifting of searching through the XMLTV file is handled by Curtis Wren’s XMLTV plugin. The display is handled
    through the Lua Internet Explorer display that Mike C. demonstrated and uses java scripting by Nate for the buttons as
    well as an HTML replace innerHTML command provided by Juri (a.k.a. father of monstermagnet). Thanks also to Juri for
    demonstrating how to navigate an HTML document using a keyboard.

    1) An XMLTV file, (here's a post on that)
    2) And Curtis Wren’s XMLTV Plugin for Girder 4 on the Girder 4 plug-in page

    To configure it:
    1) Go to the first script called “Load XML Data” and change “openfilename” to point to your XMLTV file
    2) If you want it to change channels for you or set recordings for you you'll also need to configure
    "Change channel - Script" and "Schedule Recording - Script" but the other features of the grid will work
    even if you don't do this.

    That's it.

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    Default Support for MyTheatre please


    Chris could you provide functionality for recording and scheduling using MyTheatre, MyTheare uses windows scheduling for recording. It should also allow to delete a scheduled recording.

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    Hi tcj2001,
    That's definitely possible but I don't have the windows task scheduler with my version of XP (Home) so I haven't played around with it.

    If you can find a script for writing to the scheduler I can help you modify the "Schedule Recording - Script" to provide you with the data
    you need. That half of it shouldn't be very difficult.

    There's a Girder 3.3 user, Braxbraxbrax who seems to have done exactly this using the Girder 3 version of this script. Here's his post:

    I'd bet he'd be willing to share his script if you ask him...


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    This WMI example shows how to add jobs to the task scheduler from lua.

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    Thanks Mike. But oddly enough none of the downloads from the Girder4 download page work for me now...

    When I click your link or go to the Girder4 downloads and click a link I get a text
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Girder Version="400"><FileRoot Name="WMI v0.01.gml" Identifier="0" Enabled="TRUE" FileGUID="{8BBF14A5-10BF-4687-82AF-4D9CAA065443}" TimeStamp="0" Locked="FALSE" ErrorBreak="FALSE" ErrorJump="FALSE" ErrorEmail="FALSE" ErrorGirderLog="FALSE" ErrorSystemLog="FALSE"><Group Name="Windows Management and Instrumentation Example Luacom code" Identifier="14982" Enabled="TRUE" ErrorBreak="FALSE" ErrorJump="FALSE" ErrorEmail="FALSE" ErrorGirderLog="FALSE" ErrorSystemLog="FALSE"><Command Name="Object Declaration" Identifier="15425" Enabled="TRUE" ErrorBreak="FALSE" ErrorJump="FALSE" ErrorEmail="FALSE" ErrorGirderLog="FALSE" ErrorSystemLog="FALSE"><OSD>FALSE</OSD><Topmost>TRUE</Topmost><MatchNum>1</MatchNum><sValue1>--[[

    Example Lua class for using Windows Managment and Instrumentation via LuaCom


    WMIClass = {

    New = function (self)
    o = {}
    setmetatable (o,self)
    self.__index = self
    return o
    Is something broken -- or is it just me?


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    Just do a save as.

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    Default To start with (for Mytheatre)

    To change channel in Mytheatre we need the following in change channel script
    os.execute("\"C:\\Program Files\\MyTheatre\\MTStart.exe\" /SET /CHNUM "..change_to)

    To schedule a recording task for Mytheare this would be needed in recording script
    local schstring = "\"C:\\Program Files\\MyTheatre\\MTStart.exe\" /RECORD /CHNUM "..channelnumber[rec_station]..
    " /EVENT \""..program.title.."\" /DUR 30"..

    " /TN ".."\""..program.title.." "..rec_time.."\""..
    " /TR "..schstring..
    " /SD "..string.sub(rec_time,5,6).."/"..string.sub(rec_time,7,8).."/"..string.sub(rec_time,1,4)..
    " /ST "..string.sub(rec_time,9,10)..":"..string.sub(rec_ time,11,12)..":"..string.sub(rec_time,13,14)

    Here I have hardcoded DUR as 30 this need to be the duration in minutes for the event, I dont know how to calculate this, could you help on this

    Another thing the Event string should not contain < > : / | \, how can we replace space for this characters in LUA.


    I would like another few option where everever RECORD button is displayed on the gird, like record once, weekly, monthly or record on MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI SAT, SUN

    Facilitly to save the scheduled recording task and maintainance of these task as you have for favourites.

    Option to postionl to a particular channel on the grid on display of the grid, like a channel parameter before the grid is displayed, so that when this guide is called from Mytheatre playing channel nnn, then gird should display that channel.

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    I'll take a look at this. The change channel and schedule a recording tasks don't look like they would be very difficult
    (in fact a lot of the functions are already there in a slightly different format) so I can definitely help with those in the
    next few days.

    The repeating events and the facility to maintain the scheduled recordings will take more time...
    I'll have to look at what's involved...

    Thanks, Chris

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
    Chris, you're awesome, man. Thanks! I was wondering where you disappeared to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quixote
    I was wondering where you disappeared to.
    Yeah. I've been working on this for quite some time. It's been something of a javascript nightmare but I think the end result was worth the effort...

    By the way I forgot to mention that I also improved the favorites in this version:
    1) You can perform a 'find all favorites' or even 'favorites airing now' in less time.
    2) When you roll over a favorite it shows you which favorite (or combination of favorites) applies to that program.
    3) The favorites are now also shown in the description on the right and highlighted in all of the search menus.


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