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    Hi Folks,

    I've got a question for you: For a long time I've been thinking, that I should be able to use the IR-Port at the front of my Laptop. Now I found the Girder (I've got the version 4.0.2) and I cannot figure out how to produce an event with my remote control.
    I have to say, that I'm not really able to find out what exact type my IR-interface is, but the laptop was bought 2005. I read that theoretically you are able to use any remote control, so I want to do this.
    If this is not posible, I would maybe buy the X10 from Medion which is cheap. Of course I would prefer a smaller and more simple one, if anybody knows a good one for less than 25 / 30$ so please tell me about it.

    Thanks for your help!!

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    The built-in IR port will not work, this is a IrDA port and does not support Consumer IR.
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    Thanks Ron!
    I read a bit about IrDA at Wikipedia and it really looks like there are two complete different standards. Sad but true. It would be much nicer not to have another wire on the USB (for the Remote-Reciever).
    Anyway, a X10 from Medion is not that expensive.

    Thanks again for your fast reply!

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