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Thread: Who has the most useful/nice photo/picture -viewing ?

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    Default Who has the most useful/nice photo/picture -viewing ?

    I'd like to be able to I'd like to browse pricture-folders and see the thumbnails.. (to select right folder)
    - then show the picures using remote, and have the opportunity to choose "folder mode"/"view mode" , and pictures using a remote.
    -and then be able to browse the folders or thubmnails again

    The thing I am looking for, is some sort of easy-to-automate software that can do this.
    I am trying to limit the need for input to "4 directional buttons, menu, next/prev, ok, select, cancel.."

    I've tried XNview, but it is not easy to navigate it without mouse, it does not sets focus on files/folders when changing mode...

    so ... how did you do it ?

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    try Meedio express (free) it has nice picture viewing and browsing capabilities and it of course designed for use with remote.

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