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Thread: control BTV and BM

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    Default control BTV and BM

    I have already sucessfully set up Girder to control BTV with my remote. I have it set so even if BTV isnt the foreground task, it will still control it. I now just got Beyond Media and want to use the same remote. I copied all the settings I had for BTV and created a new group called BM. I then changed the each key from BTV to BM. Now, girder controls both of them when I use the remote.
    How can I set it up so BTV will always be controlled EXCEPT when the foreground task is Beyond Media.
    Basically I want to use the same remote for BTV and BM, and always want BTV to be controlled except if BM is the foreground task, if BM is the foreground task, I want BM to be controlled.

    Is this possible? If so, how?


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    I think you'd have to add Action/ flow control/ Window in foreground? to each macro. if window in foreground then have it use the BM command and visa versa.

    Theres probrably something easier I'm a Noob.

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