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Thread: iTunes search results truncated

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    Default iTunes search results truncated

    When i do a search for music I only receive back a partial list of matches. Using the default skin, the text shows it matching xx number of songs, but the list only shows a part of it. For example, when i search for "friends" it tells me there are 49 matches, but the list only shows 8

    anyone seen anything like this?

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    is this on the PPC or Win32?

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    Default I have same issue

    I am running a PPC and it shows partial lists too... I'm not sure if it is because my connection seems to go in and out - (brief half-second it shows no connection - then it gets connected again). PPC/Dell Axim/MB w/ iTunes... thanks

    I need help getting my search to work properly - I'm newly back - so be kind. Love all the new features - glad to see your making yourself some $$$ of this product now.

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