I am currently trying to setup a home cinema, which consists of a gile server on 24/7, a htpc and a netremote client.

Now currently I have setup the girder 2 girder network. Seems to work. Managed to push a gml no problem.

Now one of my many questions about this.
Question 1
On my netremote device I have a message box saying please wait while the htpc turns on. This is based on a variable DS.HTPCState being equal to 0, when this is set to 1, the box disappears and controls become visible.

How can I get the HTPC to set this variable on netremote once windows has fully booted and girder has loaded?

No doubt there is a simple way of doing this? But im pretty new to Girder and netremote, and currently finding it very difficult to use as I usually program in PHP

Question 2
I have a MCE Remote and USB-UIRT plugged into the file server which runs 24/7

This MCE remote, I want to be able to control all my devices, eg tv amp etc

Now as there are not enough buttons on the remote to do everything I need to be able to set different sets.
Was thinking of using the coloured buttons at the bottom for different devices maybe.
Soo press red, controls for tv
press green, controls amp etc

How would I go about doing this? As I can't find any thing within girder to set what to do when a button is pressed?

Question 3
With regards to above question, when in 'HTPC mode' how can I push commands such as play, pause, up down left right etc to the HTPC from the file server? (these commands will also be pushed from the netremote device)

Thats it for now, lol any help would be appreciated.

Also if anyone has a script, or command line which I can execute in vista for quickly changing the colour depth from 16bit to 32bit, I would be really happy. As I can't find one that works at the moment and it keeps switching back due to a problem between the amp and htpc