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Thread: CAN'T GET MY MCE 2005 REMOTE TO WORK - Please Help

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    Default CAN'T GET MY MCE 2005 REMOTE TO WORK - Please Help

    I just formatted my computer and now I am having trouble setting up my MCE remote with grider. Before the format I was able to use my remote without even grider loaded but a few buttons didn’t work. I don’t know how I originally made it work but I need help setting it up again.

    I just installed the MCE plug-in.

    Now when I push a button on the remote the button green block turns yellow.

    I went through the “Add Remote” wizard and configured all the buttons. It even registered it in the Mapping device editor.

    When I click the remote, the only buttons that function are the volume up/down and the OK button when in Windows media player. None of the other buttons work. Before I use to be able to click one icon on my desktop, click the left button and the icon to the left would be highlighted. I am currently unable to do this.

    Another note. For some reason there is an “X” next to demo.gml

    Even when there was a check it still wasn’t working.

    I went to the Expert mode and saw that the demo.gml was shaded, so I clicked the “Enable” button but there is still an X when I go to Novice mode.

    Also I tried the "Assign Remote" wizard with diffrent programs but that didnt do anything.

    Can anyone please help me make my MCE 2005 remote work? BTW I am running XP home, not media center ed. but this wasn’t a problem before.

    Any help would be strongly appreciated.

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    Which drivers did you install for the MCE remote?

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