Girder is an application that run must continuous without interruption, to achieve this we have created the Girder Runtime Unit (Grunt for short). This is a _very_ thin frontend to the Girder core. The User interface counts for 80-90% of the code but is not used during Girder's typical use as background application. So it doesn't make sense to have this code running all the time. This reduces memory usage and potential bugs.

You can find Grunt in the Girder directory of Girder and up, it's called 'grunt.exe'. It should perform all tasks identically to girder.exe with the exception that is does not have an interface. So the way to use this is by setting everything up as you like in Girder.exe and then closing girder.exe and starting grunt.exe. Note that Grunt is not yet automatically started by Windows. you must do this by hand at this time.

Please report any bugs found with grunt.exe here.

Fun fact: grunt.exe consists of less then 700 lines of code, compared to ten thousands of lines in girder.exe

Note we might limit grunt to the pro version of Girder