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Thread: 1 button to turn on/off my screen

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    Question 1 button to turn on/off my screen

    i think this is a newbie question but i can't find how i can turn my screen on then off with the same button so i need help

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    Hi Imagonem,

    I'm comparably new to girder myself, so I can't exactly tell you how to program that in LUA, but I've done something similar using macros.

    The idea is to create two makros, both activated by the same button, for turning the monitor on and off. By default, the on-makro is deactivated, so at first, only the off-makro can be activated by pressing the button.
    Then this makro:
    - turns the monitor off
    - (perhaps wait one second, dunno)
    - enables the makro for turning the monitor on (enable group/action)
    - and finally disables itself (disable group/action)

    if everything works fine, the monitor should be off, the makro for turning it on should be activated and the other should be deactivated.

    Now The other way round, the on-makro
    - turns the monitor on
    - waits a sec
    - enables the off-makro
    - and disables itself

    I've attached a file doing approximately what I've written (I hope ), you just have to change the remote buttons assigned to the makros!

    hope that helps,
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    you can also make one "on" and one "off" command, and use "states" to make it work.

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