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Thread: CTI Meteor caller id

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    Quote Originally Posted by domloff View Post
    Have uploaded it now.

    According to the manual it does support call waiting as well, though I have not coded for it in this version.

    It also picks up on any numbers being dialled from other phones in the house, and it can record conversions, though it can't 'speak' to the caller.

    Hello guys,

    Just got hold of CTI METEOR hardware for Caller ID recognition in taxicaller cloud based application that our company use for taking passenger bookings.

    By searching online for software i came across Promixis Girder 4 on this forum, I realise its an old post, but I would like to get the script if possible to try and setup so the caller id gets input straight into "phone" field in internet explorer?

    Is that possible at all?

    Many thanks for your time.

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    It's not impossible but I'm not sure it's easy.

    First hurdle is that input boxes inside IE are not targetable. That means you might have to do some kind of keyboard emulation tabbing around. If we could call a URL with a URL parameter that prefills that field you might have better luck.

    On the other side the hardware has a nice manual

    So that should be doable.
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