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Thread: Plugin for Hauppauge Nexus Remote Control

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    Default Plugin for Hauppauge Nexus Remote Control

    Does the Hauppauge Nexus Remote Control plugin work with Girder 4.0?

    The description of this plugin states that it works with Girder 3.1 and 3.2 (see plugin notes below), however it is not clear whether this means that it works with these two versions ONLY or whether it works with all subsequent versions too. I have been trying to get this plugin to work with Girder 3.3 and 4.0 but have not been successfull yet. I figure if someone knows that it will NOT work with these later versions, then I can stop trying.


    Hauppauge Nexus
    1.3 Hauppauge Nexus (DVB) remote plugin.
    Works with Girder 3.1 and Girder 3.2. 22021
    vlinders 27-Sep-2002

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    It may work, but if it has a configuration dialog then that definitely won't work since the config method has changed.

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