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Thread: script to say winamp's currently playing song

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    Default script to say winamp's currently playing song

    I've been trying to reproduce this

    without success (IE: a girder command/script to say winamp's currently playing song name when pressing a button) I have installed DVDspy but can't figure out how to create the command since I'm using version 4 and some of the commands you refer to seem to have changed. Could you please confirm the exact script and commands I should be using? Thank you
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    it's also possible to get the current song from the window-title of winamp.
    use the "get title" action to the get the variable and use one of the osd classes to display the variable.

    hope this helps

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    I don't use DVD Spy or WinAmp, I'm afraid. But if you use the get title action, you can get Girder to say it the same way as it shows it in an OSD: Create a voice action and use the variable from the Get Title action (which you will find in the action three under Windows. Say you call the variable WinAmpTitle. Then you create a new voice/Speak action with that variable as the stuff to say. Can't remember if you need to use brackets, but you'll find out.
    Also you can use string.Sub to remove extra strff from the title (like if the title says "WinAmp". Look around, there's a lot of examples in scripts on the forum (and in the examples, I believe). Good luck!
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