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Thread: Automation Scenario Survey

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    Question Automation Scenario Survey

    Guys we are looking into common automation tasks that Girder performs.

    1. Enter house user disarms security, lights come on in certain locations depending on time of day.

    2. Leave house user arms security, lights go off in all of house

    3. Away mode, lights turn on randomly during the evening hours in the house.

    4. Watch movie, turn on projector, amp, turn off lighting. Movie finished-> turn lights back on.

    Please fill in....
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    5. Gather weather forecasts, maps, radar, and satellite images and send them to NR. In a similar fashon, gather info from the web for display on NR (e.g. Gas prices, comics, news, etc.)

    6. Get data from local weather station via serial interface, crunch the data, and send it to NR.

    7. Serial I/F to Weeder Digital I/O board which in turn controls the valves of my watering system. Watering schedule in G with program monitoring & adjustments in NR.

    BTW, I'd do more lighting automation if I didn't already have HomeVision & HomeSeer.

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    Here are a few of mine:

    -Reporting if I missed any phone calls while I was out (with speech upon entry), and if it was only one phone call, who it was that phoned.

    - Reporting current weather conditions when I open the front top stairwell door with speech if it between 7 and 8am

    -Checking my favorite TV shows and reporting them with speech with the push of a button.

    -SMS message me on my mobile phone if a motion/door sensor is triggered while I am out and the system is armed

    -Reporting the time and telling me how long I have been absent for when I return and enter my flat.
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