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Thread: Anthem PreAmp 2 way?

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    Yep, I'm set up girder to control the unit 1 way. Netremote is running on my pocketpc and laptop talking to girder when I use it. I would like to see the status of the preamp in netremote.

    Thanks - Andrew

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    -- add code here to process the data parameter
    in the code block with this comment, we will need to parse the responses from the receiver.

    how much lua do you know?

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    Very lilttle unfortunately...that's why I was hoping that someone may have already set up 2 way with an Anthem PreAmp. To get one way to work...I had to copy someone else's lua code and change the specifics to match the Anthem. I belive someone was working on it before, but their thread does not indicate if they every completed 2 way.

    Thanks - Andrew

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