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Thread: Rename Buttons/Frame during runtime with LUA?

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    Default Rename Buttons/Frame during runtime with LUA?


    I am wondering wether it's possible to change the names of buttons and frames during runtime with a lua-script. I investigated the NetRemote-Library and found Page- and Element-objects. But I found only a GETNAME function and no SETNAME function.

    The idea behind this is to to use one layout, e.g. 5 buttons that can change there naming from a simple text or even a netremote variable to another. With this I can interactivly implement smartbuttons without using many buttons object and deal with states. Also if it would be possible to change the imagevariable-name for buttons/frames would be helpful.

    This would allow a smarter userinterface. What do you think?

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    I am farirly convinced that cannot "rename" a button, nor can you persuade P. to implement it :-). However, you can use button names containingNetRemote variables using {} notation, which will be expanded on the screen. Then change the involved variables from LUA using NetRemote.SetVariable(...).

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    In addition to that you can use bind-at-load e.g. have a button called

    Suppose myvar had the value 'abc' - this will then be treated as a NetRemote variable name and the button will display the value of the variable called abc.

    Note that bind-at-load variables are only updated when a page is loaded

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