I decided to upgrade to the latest vertsion of netremote and it refuses to load the NRMusic_800X600.cff which in my humble opinion has been the best interface for music play and especailly selection for us non-girder types.

All I get is this informative message when first loading netremote.

"NetRemote has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Once I got the idea it was the ccf, deleting it allows me to get Netremote rrunning again and I can select the new standard ccf. Its ok but the album view only shows a few albums at a time and it is far to complcated for what I am looking for. Please help me get the NRMusic_800X600.ccf running again,

BTW. I think Netremote with j river is about as good as it gets...

-Richard Morton

PS. Running on XP sp2