Here's my setup:

  • PC with lots of music on it.
  • PC wired to standalone Amp (Pioneer) which sits next to my PC and pushes out music to my house.
  • USB UIRT connected to PC.
  • Netremote 2, Music server, Designer and Girder 4 installed on PC and Netremote 2 installed on PPC (Dell Axim x51v).

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Use NetRemote on my PPC to run MP3's off my PC and control the volume on my Amp from the USB UIRT using IR passthrough.

Here's where I've got to:

  • NetRemote music works perfectly - I can play music on my computer (and through the Amp) controlled from my PPC.

  • On the PPC I've learned the remote codes I want to control the Amp. I've tested using the 'Direct' IR and this works fine. I've changed the PPC IR plugin back to 'Girder Passthrough' as I believe this is the setting I should be using.

  • USB UIRT and NetRemote plugin are installed on Girder 4. NetRemote plugin in Girder 4 reports the connection established to my PPC. Remote passthrough setting in Girder is set to 'USB UIRT'.

Here's my problem:

When I press the assigned key on the PPC to control the Amp volume, Girder crashes. I've read the help manual which says "To use Girder as a server for Passthrough IR, it is necessary to edit the IR codes into Button Action Lists in a CCF using NetRemote Designer". I assume this is my problem but I'm lost at this point. I have NetRemote designer but I can't find guidance on how to edit the 'learned remote codes' in Designer to make them Button Action Lists.

Can anyone help diagnose my problem or point me in the right direction ?