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Thread: MOD X64 Driver for IgorUSB Release

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    Smile MOD X64 Driver for IgorUSB Release

    I have rebuilded the X64 driver for IgorUSB device,you can use it on Windows XP X64 or Vista X64 Edition

    Vista X64 Note:

    First,you must use administrator cmd to disable driver digital sign

    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    and restart computer then intall the driver

    use ezmcplug.dll replace igorplug.dll in girder\plugins folder

    and just ok!
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    It works, but since SP1 the way of disable driver integrity checks with "BCEDIT.exe" does not work anymore, so you have to schoose between:

    1. Push F8 during boot (every boot) and check the Point "deactivate automatic driver sign"


    2. Use "Readydriverplus" this program do point 1 for you automaticly.
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    Default works?

    Anyone tested it?

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    Default It works! :) Thank you guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by *Roma* View Post
    Anyone tested it?
    I've tested it - It works! Thank you guys! (especially Sooloom)
    I'm using XP x64, and was quite struggling with this, how to make it work. Downloaded the EZMC driver, which you have provided, placed the EZMCPlug.dll into the Girder's plugin folder, and it works great! XP automatically recognized the Igorplug Device (as EZMC). In XP there was also no need to press F8 during the start (it is probably needed just in Vista ).
    I'm using IgorPlugUSB kit from (I recommend it). I'm also prepared so solder the second IgorPlug-USB with the Power On functionality, so my shiny new HTPC will be ready soon

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    Default Source Code


    Are you willing to share source code? I have a similar project, where I wanted to use multiple IR devices, so I created my own firmware with new drivers and new plugins, so they could be seen individually.



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    What do i have to do if i want to use this driver with EventGhost? Some kind of renaming the files? Eventghost claims not to find the present IgorPlug device.

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